Ashanti Shares Age-Defying No-Makeup Photos -- Some Fans Are Confused

Ashanti Shares Age-Defying No-Makeup Photos -- Some Fans Are Confused
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It appears that Ashanti is taking a break from putting on makeup during the ongoing period of self-isolation, as the R&B star shared two pictures on Instagram, in which she appeared to be without any glam.

In the first photo, the 39-year-old singer offered her numerous fans a glimpse of her flawless skin and age-defying features, as she posed for the camera in all her beauty.

In addition to going makeup-free, Ashanti did not put as much effort in fixing her hair as well, because her raven mane was tied in a tight bun.

The "Foolish" performer faced the camera with closed eyes, smiling slightly, and she accessorized her look with a couple of thin gold chains.

The music star was having a moment of revelation, as she captioned her post with: "Sometimes you see & feel more with your eyes closed. I hope you guys had an amazing Easter/Resurrection Day and were able to share it with loved ones. Sending out love to those who weren’t.. dealing with pain & heartache. Praying for this pandemic to end. 🙏🏽"

The selfie quickly gained the approval of thousands of people, and many took to the comment section to tell their own personal stories during the ongoing crisis.

One fan said: "Now when you can be yourself and show the real you now that’s true beauty #NaturallyBeautiful ❤️💯🔥."

This backer revealed: "Love you both! Pray, you are safe! Just Believe God protection when you make the first step to protect yourself, family, friends, and others! One Love!"

Another commenter shared: "You still look good. I haven't really seen you that often since the early 2000s. Life happensPowerful Words To Go Along w/ A Naturally Beautiful Spirit. ❤️🙏🏾"

This follower shared: "I honestly thought this was a little girl until I watched the game 😂... 😍💕Why they sleep on you omg your so naturally gorgeous and talented! 😍"

However, Ashanti did not stop there, as she shared a second picture, showing her in the same pose, but with open eyes.

In this post, she commented on her natural look with the title "Jus a lil plain Jane thang from Long Island," which resulted in many positive comments that praised her lasting beauty.

Ashanti is a unique brand in the industry.

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