Ashanti Makes Ginuwine Go Crazy With A Lap Dance: 'Thanks Baby Girl'

Ashanti Makes Ginuwine Go Crazy With A Lap Dance: 'Thanks Baby Girl'
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Ashanti has invited music legend Ginuwine on stage during one of her performance, just to give him a special kind of dance. She handcuffed the man and there's a video on Instagram showing the special treatment that he received.

The video is posted on Ginuwine's official Instagram account and it shows Ashanti swaying her hips at tied Ginuwine while he watches her with his hands tied.

This was nothing but a friendly affair, as Hot New Hip Hop puts it.

'@ashanti better stop handcuffing me before she get in mad trouble ..see got stuck!!!!! Lolololol thanks baby girl it was so much fun with you and the homie @ruleyorkcity we need to keep this going such a great turn out, love you shawty and thanks again can’t wait to see y’all again blessings #entertainment #thegreatestshowonearth #22yearsandstillgoingstrong #daddybcziearnedit #ashanti #rule #ginuwine #late90s-2000s we won’t stop !!!!!' Ginuwine captioned his post.

Ashanti responded: '😂😂😂 how did we get stuck tho???😩🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 lol!! Thanks for coming up!! Had a blast!! Many blessings & much love!!!'

Someone said 'I love to see black people laughing and enjoying themselves. That's what it's all about. Peace & love🔥🔥'

Another commenter was not exactly here for the racy dance: 'I love Ashanti, but she needs to quit it and play with her own man!'

Not too long ago, Ashanti has decided to set the Internet on fire with some new pictures. The 'Way That I Love You' singer is living her best life.

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