Ashanti Is Burning Up In New Video With Hot New Hairstyle And Tempting Red Outfit

Ashanti Is Burning Up In New Video With Hot New Hairstyle And Tempting Red Outfit
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Ashanti continues to be quite active and turning on the heat on social media, and her fans are loving it all.

Even though the singer has been on the stage for quite a while now, she has adapted to the changes in the entertainment world quite well, and she has been able to maintain a great impression on her fans on various social platforms, mostly Instagram.

Just recently, her millions of followers were treated to another beautiful shot of the singer and songwriter, showing off a white tank top and matching panties.

Some have noted that the shot was a bit too revealing, but it does not seem like Ashanti has forgotten how to be modest.

Entirely, on the contrary, she has made it clear that she understands what her fans want to see and has been showing such pictures regularly.

The singer also debuted new long hair, luscious red lips, and a fiery suit in a short video. Ashanti has also been making throwbacks to her earlier years as a singer, with various backgrounds and other sexy outfits that were meant to invoke a 2000s vibe.

Many of her fans have noticed that too, and it looks like it was a great move on her part.

However, in general, this should not surprise anyone – Ashanti has made it evident that she is still in touch with her fans and knows what they want.

The singer has also been very good at engaging her audience on social media, and the public has seen her interacting with her fans regularly.

She recently said this in an interview: "I’m just a huge advocate of women empowerment. Just being a young female in this very male-dominated industry it’s just so hard sometimes to garner that same respect. And still respect yourself and go in and be focused on music and not be distracted by other things going on. My mom has been a huge inspiration to me. It’s weird because I grew up watching her in a business suit, with a briefcase, going to work and it was very different from what I’m doing in my career. So I think the path is just being a very powerful, strong woman going into the workforce."

Hopefully, this will not change anytime soon, as it is a big part of her image right now.

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