Ashanti Impresses Fans In Video Where She Proves That The Show Must Go On Even When There Is A Power Outage

Ashanti Impresses Fans In Video Where She Proves That The Show Must Go On Even When There Is A Power Outage
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Ashanti is showing those young singers how it is done. The stunning diva performed at a private event in the Turks and Caicos Islands and while belting her famous "Foolish" song, the power went out.

The R&B princess handled it like a queen and decided that the show must go on and sang it a cappella and she killed it.

The singer/songwriter explained: "WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT.... 😩 #2019✨ Private party with #SuperStar @Ashanti on #NYE — WATCH CAREFULLY — sound board short circuits and Ashanti and DJ D-Lyfe @thedlyfeshow spontaneously transition into manual rap beat and solo vocals with no instruments or background music. This is what winners and high-performing individuals do. They instinctively know that things can and will go wrong and when they do, they’re not surprised. Instead of cowering in fear, they step their game up and respond quickly and remarkably. Let this mindset envelop you and guide you in 2019. The devil is going to come at you strong as you drive toward your God-ordained destiny. You must be ready to transition and pivot at a moments notice. You must be flexible and act spontaneously — able to make quick, high-level decisions on the spot. The only wrong decision is indecision. Let’s all work together in love and prosperity and lift each other up in 2019. God created us all for greatness and anything less is a slap in His face."

One person said: "She's very talented! You’ll be surprised how many people that she ghost wrote for and never really got the creds! You always be the queen teach the new artists to singer. MAMA IS HERE. Love you I so glad and happy if this 2019 you have a new CD. We need to hear your beautiful voice baby girl. 🎤🎤🎤👑👑."

Another fan shared: "You are simply amazing. I will never understand how these other divas of the world are placed on such high pedestals when they would have more than likely gotten upset and stormed off. You kept it professional, classy and created something even more beautiful with the cards you were dealt! I used to listen to you back in high school when I got made fun of and didn’t feel good about myself. When I would come home every night, your music kept me going. Amazing to see almost 15 years later you haven’t changed a bit. God Bless you beautiful! Happy new year! Mariah...take notes. This how you press on and keep the show moving. ☂️"

Ashanti is set to drop a new album this year.

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