Ashanti Dominates Social Media With Sensational Bathing Suit Pictures And Here Is What She Has Coming Next

Ashanti Dominates Social Media With Sensational Bathing Suit Pictures And Here Is What She Has Coming Next
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Grammy award winner and Ja Rule's favorite collaborator, R&B diva Ashanti is getting back to top form and dominating the game again like it is 2003.

She is touring the country, posting sensational pictures on social media, and getting ready to release a new movie called Stuck on April 19.

The gifted songwriter is also celebrating the fact that one of her biggest hits, "Foolish," has just turned 17.

Despite this busy schedule, she also finds time to host events and interact with her numerous fans, who will be happy to hear that a new album is definitely on the way.

Ashanti said in a recent interview: " Absolutely! I’m working with some amazing producers, really cool ideas, and collabs! I’m excited about the next few moves, the year ahead, and releasing new music. It’s going to be a lot of fun."

She continued by saying: " I’m working with Metro Boomin! He and I are executive-producing the project together. I’m working with Tory Lanez, Jeremih, and Swae Lee. I’m doing some stuff with Wiz Kid, and there are some talks of doing stuff with Davido, J-Roc, L. T. I’ve been talking to…. J Balvin, J. White [about] some really cool ideas."

When talking about the concept behind this new project, she explained: " I do, but I can’t tell you yet [Laughs]. And it has a concept, and it’s really cool. It really tells a story. You really have to get it. I don’t even want to put a little bit out there because people are going to be like, what? I’d rather give you the whole, full-course meal instead of just the appetizer, because if you don’t taste it right, it might not go down right!"

In March, she spent a few days in Trinidad and Tobago, and her followers loved her bathing suit photos. A few of them even suggested that she gets a passport because she blended so well with the locals during the carnival.

A commenter stated: "Thanks for showing the world how beautiful Trinidad and Tobago carnival is .."

Another one added: "@ashanti embraced Trinidad’s ppl, culture, and food way more than Niki. Much respect to you."

A third person added: "The only American who can take the Trini card 😍🇹🇹."

Ashanti is just universal; she blends well everywhere.

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