Ashanti Angers Some Of Her Fans For Raunchy Devil-Like Bodysuits In New Instagram Photo -- Did The Ethereal Diva Go Too Far?

Ashanti Angers Some Of Her Fans For Raunchy Devil-Like Bodysuits In New Instagram Photo -- Did The Ethereal Diva Go Too Far?
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Ashanti continues to be a major hit on social media, as she posts one stunning picture after the other, and the latest snap from the 39-year-old R&B diva is no exception to the rule.

The "Always on Time" performer, who is currently busy touring, took to Instagram to show off her envy-inducing figure and unique fashion style.

The photo, which, according to its caption, was taken while Ashanti was performing in Birmingham, United Kingdom, showed the diva standing on the stage and smiling happily to the audience.

It seems that the famous singer put a lot of effort into her concert attire because she looked stunning in her form-fitting jumpsuit that put her curves and ample thighs on display.

Besides, Ashanti shone brightly under the spotlight because the fashionable piece was covered with sparkling rhinestones, and she combined the jumpsuit with a voluminous fur coat in bright pink color.

She also wore a mask with giant horns that created drama. The post was quickly liked by more than 20,000 users, and soon the singer's numerous followers were writing appraising comments on her good looks and talent.

One person remarked that Ashanti was so fine as a person, and she was a complete artist with a great theme, before wishing her to never lose the humility that characterized her every year.

It appears that fans also had an appreciation for Ashanti's curves because one comment stated, "So damn 'Thick'" and another follower wrote, "I just wanna love you, baby…your body is so nice sweet and sexy, Honey." Others called her out for the devil's horns.

One person said: "You're so talented, classy, and beautiful! Idk why the industry is still trying to pin you against JLo over nothing, you have said many times that your background vocals were left in the chorus to create an acoustic blended voice song and JLo sang all the lead and main vocals when she re-recorded the songs yet some messy ppl are still trying to make you guy enemies. What do you say to that? Do you entertain it, just shut them down? It's getting so old already, Mariah Carey fans love running with that old stale tea like it's something only JLo did."

This backer stated: "Looking at this just turned me on, and I'm at work. 😳"

A critic called her out: "Come on Shani, with the Devil your mom let this bs happen. 🤯🤯🤯"

Another commenter bashed her: "Noooooooo @ashanti not this mask beautiful take this out the wardrobe please now! I love/ u, but this is evil."

Even though it is a mystery if the singer will delight her fans with a new album in the following months, the star's schedule has been filled with concert dates and shows.

Supporters appreciate the display.

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