Ashanti And Usain Bolt Share Steamy Pictures -- Is Ja Rule's Pal Dating The Legendary Athlete?

Ashanti And Usain Bolt Share Steamy Pictures -- Is Ja Rule's Pal Dating The Legendary Athlete?
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Ashanti has her fans asking a lot of questions after she posted raunchy pictures with the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

The R&B diva has been living her best life while vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago where she has been filming music videos, performing, and of course, flaunt her famous curves in gorgeous bathing suits.

While on the tropical island, Ashanti has been spending time with the retired Jamaican sprinter who seems not to able to keep his shirt on.

Ashanti, who is a college athlete herself, decided to challenge Usain. She said: "Maybe I can beat him in the triple jump tho? 🤔🤣" Fans are hoping that the pair might be dating.

One person said: "DAME that body banging. Sis u having way too much fun 😍❤️😂. I wish you two were an item you look so fabulous together like a talented, beautiful duo.❤️"

Another commenter stated: "Ashanti couldn't walk this morning. The world champion king fans wish it well that's in Jamaica. I can imagine the end of the night... Sleeping."

This supporter shared: "New power [email protected] I truly luv that u embraced our culture and enjoyed ya carnival. You would make a lovely pair. Think about it 💖 man that dude in the fastest man in human history, that is mind-blowing."

This person told Ashanti there is no way she is beating Usain, because he is legendary.

The follower wrote: "Naw that’s the dude who got memes laughing at ppl he’s easily beating.. he jumped three times before taking the picture... I adore u @ashanti but you are in over your head.. this man can run an get ya first album before it came out and became classic.. time a breath loves him lol. I’m just stupid, love all of you both.. much love An respect.. an @ashanti just stop .. you tooooooooo frickin sexy a talented like you od bruh.. like seeing how you look on ig one thing but this carnival shit yo.. you showing off.. these new shorties can’t comprehend or survive lol.. wit ya super 🦄 self.. Luv ya jk keep doing u..."

Do you think they make a cute couple?

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