Ashanti Amazes Her Fans With New Ageless Photos Confirming That Staying At Home Does Wonders For Her Body And Face

Ashanti Amazes Her Fans With New Ageless Photos Confirming That Staying At Home Does Wonders For Her Body And Face
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Ashanti's most recent activity on Instagram showed that staying at home does wonders for the appearance of the R&B diva, as she took to the popular social media platform to share a couple of stunning snaps from her life under quarantine.

In one of the pictures, Ashanti looked incredibly relaxed at her home, and she posed for the camera in cozy sweatpants in a light pink color.

Also, the 39-year-old celebrity showed off her toned stomach with a short white top that put her envious curves on display.

The R&B star looked quite comfortable in her attire, and she let her long voluminous mane fall down freely.

Ashanti's choice of the color palette was mainly inspired by a certain type of desserts because she titled her snap with "Strawberry shortcake."

Meanwhile, the post quickly gathered thousands of Likes, and it seemed that most of her followers were mesmerized by her amazing looks.

One fan, who was stunned by Ashanti's youthful appearance, even exclaimed, "Did you stop aging ten years ago??" while another complimented the music star on her outfit and hairstyle.

The singer has talked in the past how she kept her stunning figure over the years and explained it was mostly due to a balanced diet.

According to the "Foolish" performer, she relied heavily on consuming a lot of fresh vegetables on a daily basis and avoided fast food as much as possible.

In addition, the music star has stated that she trained with a professional on a weekly basis. The singer recently did an interview where she spoke about dropping new music.

Ashanti said: "I'm very excited to be releasing more music. I think just for me, and I'm at a point where I want to try different things. I love Afrobeats, and I love reggae music, I love soca music. And as an artist, you want to fulfill your creative energy, you know? But I'm definitely getting back to my R&B roots. [Laughs.]"

She added: "I'm very, very excited about the new EP, and I'm working on it with Metro Boomin. We have some amazing records I'm very, very excited about it. Some amazing other producers and some writers, and I'm just really excited about the new sound. You know, there are a couple of things that I'm talking about that I've never talked about before. And some people are going to be like, "Oh my gosh, did she say that?" I'm excited about it."

Ashanti is pure grace.

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