A$AP Rocky Ordered To Stay In Sweden For 2 Weeks Following Assault Accusation

A$AP Rocky Ordered To Stay In Sweden For 2 Weeks Following Assault Accusation
Credit: Source: TimeOut.com

Reported first by People Magazine, the rapper, A$AP Rocky, will remain in a Swedish jail for the next two weeks as a prosecutor is looking over his case regarding an altercation in the street near the beginning of this week. A spokesperson who spoke with People on Friday said prosecutors decided A$AP Rocky would be detained for two weeks.

The prosecutor is now gathering evidence and looking into the case more. He's in custody somewhere in the Swedish city of Stockholm. A$AP Rocky, also known as Rakim Mayers, was arrested in the city on Tuesday for assault regarding an incident on the street.

The prosecutor's office press release, published on Wednesday, claimed that two of the men involved are accused of serious abuse while another is accused of less severe charges. On Friday, the rapper appeared in the Stockholm District Court where the judge ruled that the rapper must stay in Sweden until the details of the case are ironed out.

The spokesperson for the prosecutor's office said to the outlet that it's possible A$AP Rocky will be sitting in a Swedish jail for the unforeseeable future, as two weeks isn't enough time to gather evidence for the investigation. It's possible he'll be ordered to stay longer.

While A$AP Rocky is doing well, he's concerned about the rest of his tour, as this arrest has proven to be catastrophic for awaiting fans. The rapper was supposed to be in London, England, on Sunday, however, he's sitting in a jail cell instead.

Previously, the rapper took to his Instagram account to explain the situation. In the social media video footage, A$AP Rocky and his crew were approached by two young guys in the street when suddenly a fight breaks out between them. One of the men involved was A$AP's bodyguard.

A$AP Rocky said the "drug addicts" in the dispute were not his fans, and they were slapping women's buttocks as they walked by. The star added that they followed him and his crew for four blocks.

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