ASAP Rocky Gushes Over 'Love Of His Life' Rihanna In Rare Interview - Says 'She's The One' And More!

ASAP Rocky Gushes Over 'Love Of His Life' Rihanna In Rare Interview - Says 'She's The One' And More!
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ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are usually as private as possible about their romance which is why fans could not contain their excitement when the rapper openly gushed over the 'love of [his] life' in a brand new interview! Check out the heartwarming words he said about the singer!

While chatting with GQ magazine, the man opened up about their romance and did not hesitate to even declare that she is 'the one!'

With that being said, it really sounds like the famous couple is getting serious!

During the interview, ASAP Rocky referred to Rihanna as 'my lady,' 'the love of my life' and more!

At some point, he sweetly stated that his life is 'so much better' just because Rihanna is in it!

'[It's] so much better when you have the One. She amounts to, like, a million of the other ones.'

The star made it obvious that he also sees a future with Rihanna, telling the magazine that 'she's the one' and that 'when you know, you know.'

And that's not all! He even talked about his plans to become a dad, saying that 'If that's in my destiny, absolutely. I think I am already a dad! All these motherf***ers are already my sons. But, like, I think I would be an incredible, remarkably, overall amazing dad. I would have a really fly child.'

In the same cover story, he talked about how he spent the past summer with Rihanna amid the lockdown, saying that they were able to go on a getaway without many people around because of it, just visiting landmark cities in the country.

Furthermore, he worked on music during the trip and he mentioned how great it is to have a fellow musician like Rihanna to get feedback from.


'I think it is important to have someone you can bounce those creative juices and idea off of. It's just a different point of view.'

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