As The Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend Makes Fun Of The Title

As The Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend Makes Fun Of The Title
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The "All of Me" singer responds to a popular tweet from a fan who challenged his Hottest Man Alive cover in 2019 in exclusive footage published with People from Twitter's new #FanTweets series.

He recounted the tweet, " john legend seeing y'all comments to his people issue," while chuckling to start. The tweet also featured a picture of Arthur, a cartoon character from the same-named PBS program, crying.

"What do you know? I skipped through your comments on my people cover. Being awarded PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive was a double-edged sword, and I understood that going in" the "All She Wanna Do "I'm 43," the singer adds in the video.

So, since I didn't look, I wasn't grieving about it, he says with a smile. In November 2019, Legend's title was made public, and at the time, he acknowledged that he experienced a range of feelings.

At the moment, the artist admitted, "I was thrilled, but I was also a little worried because it's a great deal of pressure." "Everyone will be scrutinizing me to determine whether or not I am seductive enough to keep this position. Idris Elba is being followed by me as well, which is unfair and unkind."

The 34th Sexiest Man Alive, according to PEOPLE, was Legend, who joined a long line of Hollywood's sexiest men, beginning with then-29-year-old Mel Gibson in 1985. Paul Rudd is the current holder of the championship.

The #FanTweets series on Twitter, which will begin on Wednesday, doesn't end with the video clip. In the show, famous people will reply to actual Tweets from followers to help them feel more connected to their favorite stars. The singer also responded to a couple more amusing tweets in the video. He once addressed the common perception among fans that he resembles the Arthur cartoon character.


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