Artist Signed To Rapper Logic's Record Label Accused Of Preying On Underage Girls

Artist Signed To Rapper Logic's Record Label Accused Of Preying On Underage Girls
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A rapper signed to Logic's record label, Bobby Boy Records, has reportedly been accused of sexual misconduct. Hot New Hip Hip came out with a report today in which they claimed Silas, one of Logic 's employees, had been accused of preying on young girls on social media.

The outlet says now people are coming for Silas on social media, accusing him of the same transgression as Chris D'Elia, who was recently outed for similar behavior.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Silas' career was picking up steam until a social media user accused him of trying to get her to send him nudes when she was underage. More than one woman has accused Silas of creeping.

For instance, one girl says Silas asked for explicit photos even though she was only 15-years-old at the time of the text message exchange. Moreover, another girl who was 16-years-old claims Silas asked her for videos and photos, and he even sent her a video of himself masturbating to one of them.

In response to the allegations, Silas claimed he was in the wrong by not asking the girls for their age. He added that he took "full responsibility" for his actions.

This is otherwise bad news for Logic, who recently had his first child with his wife. Logic announced he was going to drop his final album, No Pressure , a farewell to his fans after he revealed he was going to retire to take care of his child.

Logic said he wanted to step away from the "stressful" music industry to take care of his baby and be a great father. Even though the vast majority of people were very supportive of Logic, not everyone was, including Joe Budden, who said Logic should've retired a long time ago.


Ebro Darden, however, had the rapper's back, claiming that anyone who hated on Logic at this point was just "corny." Ebro said it was foolish to hate Logic just because he's a great rapper who happens to be a "nerdy dude."

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