Artem Chigvintsev Refuses To Watch Dancing With The Stars After Being Fired

Artem Chigvintsev Refuses To Watch Dancing With The Stars After Being Fired
Credit: Source: Twitter

Artem Chigvinsev will not be on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars for the first time in many years. He also revealed that he would not be watching -- but there are no hard feelings.

Artem revealed on the Bellas podcast how he found out that he didn't make the cut to be a choreographer and it was surprising considering that he is a DWTS veteran.

After waiting for the news since March, Chigvinstev wasn't told that he wasn't coming back until the week before the announcement of who would be returning was made.

'There was never a thought in my mind that I’m not going to be doing it. There’s always a chance, as a pro, you might be doing some performances on the show and there’s still an involvement in some sort. But getting this call, [hearing] ‘There’s gonna be no involvement in the show from now on,’ it’s like going through a breakup after 10 years.'

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, he explains why he won't be tuning in.

'I think as far as right now, definitely no. Not because I’m not supporting the show or all the people who are there, but I think if I were to [watch], all of the feelings of not being there would just flood back.'

He also expressed how he felt about the way they handled the situation: 'I understand they do what’s best for the show, but at the same time, you cannot let people sit and wait five days until the announcement to let them know whether they’ll be part of the season or not. A lot of us have invested years and years into the show, and I think that’s the respect we deserve as dancers.'

Although Artem is understandably upset about what happened, he has one beacon of hope in his life that's helping him get through it all: Nikki Bella.

The two have grown closer than ever after making it official and fans think that they will be engaged sooner rather than later.


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