Artem Chigvintsev Is 'Super Excited But Stressed' To Welcome Baby With Nikki Bella Says Friend

Artem Chigvintsev Is 'Super Excited But Stressed' To Welcome Baby With Nikki Bella Says Friend
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Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella are expecting a baby boy very soon. The first time father is excited and stressed according to his friend and Dancing With the Stars choreographer Gleb Savchenko.

This will be Nikki's first-time having a child too; however, she's had lots of practice with her niece Birdie. Artem is an only child with his family still back in Russia.

Additionally, Artem said that he would be more comfortable with having a girl since he's been around women most of his life.

'I’ve danced all my life with girls. I’ve spent probably more time having conversations with a girl than with a guy because I’ve danced for a very long time. It always required a girl. I know how to take care of that and how to be with a girl.'

However, the dancer is expecting a boy. Of course, he's excited to carry on his name.

Savchenko said on the Miraculous Mamas podcast that they chatted a few weeks ago.

As the Bella Twins' due dates arrive, Gleb said that Artem is 'super excited.'

'He’s stressed, but I tell you that he’s going to be an amazing dad. He’s gonna be such a good dad because anything he does it’s like to a level of perfection, like perfection that you can’t even imagine. Everything’s gotta be perfect. Everything’s going to be organic. They’re going to be amazing parents. I love Nikki too. She’s awesome.'

Meanwhile, the WWE alum has been offering updates about her pregnancy via Instagram.

One week ago she shared a picture of her round belly alongside a caption that read: ' First I am totally going to get a text from my Mom in like 10 mins telling me my cover picture is too much lol and then saying how cute my belly is. Love you Mom! Tummy update and if you keep swiping you can see what I use every morning and night and occasional daytime or when I feel itchy. My baby boy is getting so BIG! We are a little under 6 weeks out!! Can’t believe we get to meet our little boy soon! We can’t wait!!! I’m already SO in love!!!'

Surely, Artems nerves will calm as soon as he gets to hold his sweet boy.

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