Arsenio Hall Says He Loves Being A Comedian As A Rich Man Because He Can Say Whatever He Wants

Arsenio Hall Says He Loves Being A Comedian As A Rich Man Because He Can Say Whatever He Wants
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According to a report from, Arsenio Hall recently explained one of the great benefits of being a wealthy, older man. The star said to TMZ reporters earlier this week that "one great thing about being old and rich is you can do what you want to do!"

Speaking with TMZ Live , Arsenio explained the way money helps a man do what he wants to do, while not worrying about people trying to take you down. As fans of the host know, he's a stand-up comedian, and a comic's job often entails crossed lines and shaken boundaries.

However, when you've already made it, and the money has been generated, there's not much anyone can do to really hurt you. Arsenio doesn't have to worry about losing job offers, TV programs, or stand-up venues, because he's already got the cash.

Speaking with the entertainment news outlet, Arsenio explained that it's a comic's job to stretch boundaries and push the envelope as far as one can while trying to make comedy out of it. "That's what creates great comedy," the longtime stand-up remarked.

Arsenio, who recently came upon a new Netflix special deal, claims that back when he was a much younger man, he had to conform to standards and norms because he needed the money. But that simply isn't the case anymore.

"I'm kind of free!" Arsenio declared. Another stand-up comedian who may agree with this sentiment is Dave Chappelle, who released his latest stand-up comedy special on Netflix earlier this year. Dave joked about Jussie Smollett in his new comedy hour on the streaming platform.

Titled, Sticks and Stones, Dave joked about the alleged hate-crime hoaxer as well as outrage culture. After it was released, critics hated the performance, whereas audiences loved it. It currently has a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics, and a whopping 99% from audiences.

Some on social media, particularly news journalists, demanded the cancelation of Dave Chappelle, however, at this point in his career, it's hard for anyone to really hurt him.

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