Around Schwarzenegger Takes Over On 'The Apprentice'

Around Schwarzenegger Takes Over On 'The Apprentice'
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The catchphrase "You're terminated!” Has replaced "You're fired!" on Season 8 of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ as former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger succeeded Donald Trump as the host of the reality show.

The Austrian-born actor, 69, became famous in the 80s with action films like the Terminator (1984) and Conan the Barbarian (1980) before being governor of California from 2003 to 2010.

Now he's the boss of the show that made Donald Trump a national celebrity in the United States, long before his presidential candidacy.

Judging by the reactions of commentators on social networks, Schwarzenegger did rather well for the first episode of the eighth season

Recorded in Los Angeles, this season is full of stars like Boy George and Vince Neil and advisers like the Famous investor Warren Buffett.

"The first show was not easy. But celebrities know my expectations now. Take risks, give yourself thoroughly," he tweeted after the show.

In a controversial deal, the studio producing the show, MGM Television, said in December that the real estate tycoon who will take office at the White House on Jan. 20 will remain co-executive producer of the show, with His name in the credits.

The studio nevertheless refused to give details on Donald Trump's role, even though his adviser Kellyanne Conway has previously said that the President-elect may make time for the show.

Trump said that although his name will still appear in the credits, he will be “totally hands off.”

Did you catch the first episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’ How do you think Schwarzenegger did as the new boss?


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