Armie Hammer Reignites Twitter Feud With BuzzFeed Writer

Armie Hammer Reignites Twitter Feud With BuzzFeed Writer
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Armie Hammer is standing up for Jennifer Lawrence against one of the BuzzFeed writers who slammed him in an article which claimed one of the sole reasons for his fame was due to his "white privilege."

As you may know, Celebrity Insider reported last November that the writer, Anne Helen Peterson, wrote a piece called "Ten Long Years Of Trying To Make Armie Hammer Happen."

The article went on to paint his rise to success in an incredibly negative light, one which Hammer responded to. The result of their feud forced the actor to delete his account for a few months.

Hammer went on to state at a later date that his life would be much better off without Twitter because of its alleged toxicity. One month ago, in January, Hammer reactivated his account and he's now fighting back against BuzzFeed's writer yet again.

On Twitter today, Armie responded to Peterson's criticism of Vanity Fair's recent article on Jennifer Lawrence. Peterson tweeted that her new profile in the legendary magazine is "painfully banal."

Hammer, in a passive-aggressive manner, asked her rhetorically if she ever considered meditating or possibly even taking medication to help with her negativity.

Peterson, like many other public figures, complained of receiving harassment letters online, despite the fact that while receiving a threat through the internet is a harrowing experience, it isn't evidence of the evil of the other side or the person's alleged fans.

The point is that anyone who is highly visible to the public's eye receives death threats whenever they create content that is contentious in any way. Either way, the BuzzFeed writer complained of one person claiming they would come to her house and kill her dog.

On a more positive note, Hammer is scheduled to attend this Sunday's Oscar's ceremony where the film, Call Me By Your Name, might receive the award for best picture. However, it's unlikely it will win due to its failure to take home the gold at other Award's ceremonies thus far.

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