Armie Hammer Opens Up About His Tough Split From Elizabeth Chambers

Armie Hammer Opens Up About His Tough Split From Elizabeth Chambers
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Armie Hammer says that his split from Elizabeth Chambers hasn't been an easy one. The 34-year-old spoke with British GQ this week about his split from Chambers, and he claimed no one in the world would say what he has gone through is "easy."

Hammer claimed it didn't matter whose fault it was or whether it was his idea or hers, it's a "seismic event" to go through in one's life. Armie went on to say there are a lot of lifestyle shifts one has to deal with.

According to the actor, "change is a universal constant," and it's not always a bad thing. Even if it is good to move on in a different direction, it can still come with a lot of pain. While their divorce has been tough, Armie says their primary concern at this point is getting their children through it unharmed.

As it was previously reported, the 38-year-old Hammer and Chambers announced their split via social media back in July following ten years of being married. They had two children together during their time as a couple, including their 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

Just a few days after they released their joint statement, Chambers filed for divorce and they cited "irreconcilable differences." According to the actor, the pandemic definitely contributed to their problems, because there were a lot of personalities crammed into a tiny place on the Cayman Islands where they were staying.

Hammer said the whole thing was challenging. The actor admits that he didn't have the necessary tools and skills to deal with it, and he didn't handle it well. In fact, Armie says he felt like he was close to losing his mind completely.

The lockdown on the Cayman Islands was very severe, the actor remarked. He felt like a "wolf trapped in a snare drum" as if he was about to mangle his own foot. Due to how bad it was, Hammer said he turned to therapy which helped a lot.

Since then, Hammer has been hanging around Rumer Willis , and he recently went on a date with Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. Henriquez was previously married to Josh Lucas.

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