Armie Hammer Backs Away From Jennifer Lopez Movie After DM Scandal

Armie Hammer Backs Away From Jennifer Lopez Movie After DM Scandal
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Armie Hammer is walking away from a new movie with Jennifer Lopez , a report from Page Six revealed this week. As fans of the actor know, he is in the headlines for a purported text message exchange in which it appeared as though he fetishized over things like cannibalism and rape.

A source who spoke with Page Six says the actor is no longer going to work on the action-comedy movie which was supposed to begin filming sometime this year.

A spokesperson for the movie said that due to the "imminent start" of Shotgun Wedding , Hammer has decided to quit. Someone else will take his role.

In a statement to Page Six, Hammer blasted the "bullsh*t claims" against him, and said there has been "vicious and spurious online attacks" that he won't bother responding to. The actor went on to say that the claims were not the reason he chose to back away from the project.

According to Hammer, he decided he wasn't going to leave his children while he filmed a movie in the Dominican Republic for four months. Hammer added that the studio, Lionsgate, were supporting him in his decision and he was grateful for it.

Reportedly, Ryan Reynolds was supposed to star in the movie at first until Mr. Hammer took his place and Ryan chose to act as the executive producer instead. As it was previously reported, Armie found himself in the headlines over leaked text messages which purported to show him fantasizing over rape and cannibalism.

Another message from Armie to an anonymous woman was about "cutting toes." The details of the text messages haven't been discussed in detail by Page Six, but some people on social media argued that the texts were written in private, and weren't meant to be taken out of context.

Either way, this wouldn't be the first time the actor's love life has been in the headlines. In addition to his recent divorce from estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, Armie had said in the past that he was a "dominant lover." He later spoke with E! News about the Playboy interview and said he had been drinking too much.

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