Ariel Winter Shows Off New Strawberry Blonde Hair Color And Fans Are Loving The Look

Ariel Winter Shows Off New Strawberry Blonde Hair Color And Fans Are Loving The Look
Credit: Source: Ariel Winter/Instagram

Now that Ariel Winter is done filming Modern Family, she's free to be herself again and that means exploring different looks. While many have known Ariel as a beautiful brunette, she stunned the public by quickly going to a strawberry blonde color. Ariel and hair colorist Tabitha Dueñas shared photos on their official Instagram accounts featuring Ariel's new hair color. Ariel has 4.2 million Instagram followers and she quickly drew praise for the new look. Some referred to it as a drastic but positive change and others said they thought she looked like Bella Thorne.

Ariel posed for a shot wearing a black, long-sleeve sweater that provided the perfect contrast for her new hair color. She wore her locks parted down the middle and they flowed in loose waves past her shoulders. Her makeup was natural and she wore a rose-blush lipstick that looked fabulous with the new color.

Looking gorgeous, Ariel shared the following caption along with a photo and video where she tossed her new, auburn- colored locks. She geotagged the post with Nine Zero One Salon.

"🍓🍰I’m a strawberry and a shortcake sooooo new nickname?🍓🍰🥰🤓"

You may see the photo and video that Ariel Winter shared on Instagram below.

Ariel has said goodbye to many things in the past week. After sharing a photo where she discussed her feelings about seeing Modern Family come to an end, she shared a photo explaining how soon she would say goodbye to her dark hair.

Here is what Ariel Winter said about the last time she filmed Modern Family along with a photo of her trailer.

In just a few hours we will series wrap on @abcmodernfam, and along with everything else, I will be saying goodbye to the trailer I have had for almost a decade. Goodbye trailer! Goodbye Alex plaque! 😢#modernfamily#memories#family#farewell

Ariel's next post was another good-bye, only this time to her brunette hair. In the slideshow, she shared photos of her long, black hair as well as a video of her tossing her hair around.

What do you think about Ariel's red tresses?

Do you like her hair better brunette or red?


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