Ariel Winter Drives Fans Wild With Selfie Showing Off Toned Abs In White Lacy Corset

Ariel Winter Drives Fans Wild With Selfie Showing Off Toned Abs In White Lacy Corset
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Ariel Winter is driving fans wild with her latest selfie that involves her toned abs and a lacy corset.

The Modern Family star has tongues wagging with her mainly see through top that leaves little to the imagination. She topped off the outfit with a pair of tight black pants.

Winter has proudly been showing off her assets over the last couple of years. The 21-year-old caused a social media frenzy with her latest post. She didn't even caption the photo, because honestly no captioned was needed.

The actress looked gorgeous in the hot picture, and fans wasted no time praising the young girl for her selfie.

"U are the most beautiful woman so amazing," shared timothyconcha

"You definitely are not a little girl anymore," said silver300chris

"Elegant and beautiful all in one!!!" exclaimed wwjl115

"Wow u look amazing and stunning in that picture," wrote erickmartinez6234

" could wear paper bag for a hat or shirt a day rock it. Lol. You be killing it gorge," replied mannyphresh760

There were also several responses that consisted of fire, heart, and smiley face emoji. Sometimes an emoji can say it better than words.

Winter's post has been liked almost 500,000 with almost 3,000 comments praising the Modern Family star for her latest look. The lacy white top and tight black pants show off her fantastic body, leaving her fans drooling.

Although she on fire these days, fans did call out Winter last spring for her sudden weight loss. She was blasted for what fans thought was her trying to ditch her curvaceous body for a thinner one.

However, as it turned out, Winter had been on antidepressants for years. The medication had caused her weight to increase while she was on it. She could not lose the extra pounds, even with working out and eating healthy.

Last spring, her doctor changed up her medication. The switch caused her to drop the extra pounds from the previous medicine.

It all came down to the first medicine slowing down her metabolism, and the second giving it back to her. The Modern Family actress acknowledged the weight loss was drastic and admitted she was working on gaining back muscle.

Whatever she did in the past few months is working because Ariel Winter is smoking hot in her latest Instagram selfie. She looks fabulous, and fans can't get enough of her look.

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