Ariana Madix On 'Vanderpump Rules' Co-star James Kennedy: "I Think He Could Really Benefit From Therapy"

Ariana Madix On 'Vanderpump Rules' Co-star James Kennedy: "I Think He Could Really Benefit From Therapy"
Credit: Source: Bravo

James Kennedy and his feud with some of the ladies of SUR has been the highlight of this season of 'Vanderpump Rules.' According to Ariana Madix, the DJ needs a therapist.

Outcasted by some and coddled by others, the treatment of James vary on each end of the spectrum. While Katie Maloney and Lala Kent insist that Kennedy makes the conscious decision to upset those around him, friends like Billie Lee and Tom Sandoval seemingly refuse to hold him accountable.

Ariana offers a level-headed response to James' misdeeds. She told US Weekly: "I think that therapy is something that we all can or do benefit from. I went! I think that that’s something longterm that could really benefit him."

It was revealed that James carries the weight of financially taking care of his divorced parents who put him in the middle of their arguments. His traumatic home life is something that Tom Sandoval knew about but didn't think was his place to tell.

Madix also blames his young age and profession for some of his unacceptable behavior. Kennedy has been open about his struggles with alcohol,

"He’s working in an environment where partying is part of the job and part of the appeal of his persona. So I feel as though it’s a lot harder for him to be … to really want to change that part of himself."

James has attacked cast members both on and off the screen even after he apologized and swear that he's changed.

Frenemy Jax Taylor has just given up on their feud.

"I just feel bad for the kid. I think he has a lot of deep-rooted issues and he needs help. I feel more sorry for him rather than I don’t hate him. It takes too much work to hate somebody. I feel bad for him. He needs help."

Do you think James should seek therapy?


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