Ariana Madix 'Officially' Comes Out As Bisexual During Vanderpump Rules Pride

Ariana Madix 'Officially' Comes Out As Bisexual During Vanderpump Rules Pride
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Vanderpump Rules aired its annual Pride episode on Monday and although the season has been extremely lackluster according to fans -- it was an important installment for Ariana Madix. The SUR bartender celebrated her first Pride out of the closet.

To viewers who have been watching the show for a while, they know that Ariana and Lala Kent had a tryst in the backseat of Tom Sandoval's car. However, she has never officially come out and said that she was bisexual at a Pride event.

Madix opened up about the exciting moment on the show.

'This Pride is my first Pride publicly out as a bisexual queen. Before I would be at Pride with my friends and I'd be like 'This feels weird. Why am I like in the closet at Pride every year?' I feel better now that people know because I'm living more truthfully," she said. "I'm a B. I mean always got As, but I'll take this B.'

Next week, newcomer Dayna Kathan will also open up about her sexuality with Ariana and the two will proudly call themselves 'bi sisters.'

This episode came after Jax Taylor said on Watch What Happens Live that Ariana doesn't want to get married or have kids with Sandoval because she 'likes women.'


The author fired back and owned it while schooling him.

'I DO like women AND men. it’s called being bisexual. Ever heard of it? #thisisnthard.'

She later went on to tell the Daily Dish podcast how she felt about Jax's comments.

'I’ve never felt that [I had to defend my relationship to] any of our friends. It’s just in that group of people. It’s so weird. I’m like, ‘Do y’all know us?’ I see these people all the time. I talk to them all the time but then they’re saying things that sound like they don’t know who I am at all.'

Congratulations to Ariana for living in her truth.

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