Ariana Madix Has The Perfect Response To Hater Accusing Her Of Cheating On Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix Has The Perfect Response To Hater Accusing Her Of Cheating On Tom Sandoval
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Ariana Madix had a great response to a hater who accused her of cheating on Tom Sandoval. They were, of course, referring to the fact that she and Lala Kent got ‘together.’

Under a pic of Tom and Ariana, the person wrote: ‘I have never understood how you so easily accepted her infidelity with LaLa? Double standard? Infidelity is infidelity regardless of gender.’

The snap was actually shared by Ariana but it seems like they thought Tom was the one to post it initially, which is why they addressed him in the comment.

‘@elomzenski who is ‘you’? 😂 this is my page, Ya weirdo,’ Ariana replied.

That is when they went on to address the pair in a second comment, saying that: ‘I just don't understand, but I hope for the best of you both. I'd think that would be a huge hurt 😓.’

Ariana then argued that her backseat fun with Lala was never behind her man’s back. Well, techinically, it was, but only literally!

After all, he was in the front seat at the time!

Back in April during an episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala recalled: ‘How did Ariana and I get together? We went to get Mexican food, just had some girl time, got sh**tfaced.’

After their day of enjoying some alcohol, Tom picked up his girlfriend and Lala.

‘So we’re in Tom’s car and at this point I’m like, ‘F**k it, she looks good tonight,’’ Lala went on to share her thoughts.

Ariana then continued the story from her point of view, recalling: ‘I was behind Tom, so I was kind of grabbing him, I’m looking at him in the rearview mirror, and that’s when I feel like I started to really sober up, because I was like, ‘What is happening right now? What is happening? Obviously Lala is super hot, so I was thinking is this maybe our…are we three gonna?…Because that sounds f***ing great.’

In the end, there was no threesome since he was super sober and Lala was with Russell Emmett anyway.

But the man definitely did not mind letting the two ladies have their fun.


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