Ariana Grande Wants To See Mac Miller's Drug Dealer Convicted

Ariana Grande Wants To See Mac Miller's Drug Dealer Convicted
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According to, Ariana Grande believes that the man who sold the drugs to Mac Miller should bear some of the responsibility for his death, moreover, she thinks that a conviction is appropriate. Sources who spoke with TMZ stated that she thinks that the 28-year-old, Cameron James Pettit, should face consequences for Mac's death.

Reportedly, Cameron James Pettit was the one to supply Mac the drugs which were counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl. Sources close to the pop star who spoke with TMZ stated that she feels this man played a crucial role in her ex-boyfriend's death.

TMZ claims that Grande feels as though anyone who supplied him with drugs should face charges and a conviction for supplying anything to him which played a role in his death. Prosecutors claim that Pettit was the one to give him drugs along with two other people, including a madam and a prostitute.

Furthermore, insiders claim Ariana feels a bit of resolve at the news of the man's arrest, although, the case has just been opened, and whether or not he's convicted or not has not been determined. Reportedly, Pettit could face off against a severe drug trafficking charge leading to death.

This charge typically requires more of an investigation, which is ongoing at the moment. Currently, the man is up against charges for distributing a controlled substance. This past Wednesday, Pettit was taken into custody and is on bail without bond. He'll be arraigned next month.

As it was previously reported, Mac Miller died last year on the 7th of September shortly after Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged. Many fans online speculated that Ariana's whirlwind romance with Pete was merely a rebound.

Mac Miller isn't the only performer to pass away in recent years amid the opioid epidemic. Lil' Peep, also a well-known rapper, died approximately one year before on the 15th of November in 2017. Earlier this week, Post-Malone revealed that he and Mac Miller were considering a joint project together, however, it never came to fruition.

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