Ariana Grande To Drop Song About Pete Davidson Before SNL!

Ariana Grande To Drop Song About Pete Davidson Before SNL!
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Reportedly, Ariana Grande is planning on dropping a song about her ex Pete Davidson right before Saturday Night Live! However, it sounds like the track is not going to be dissing the comedian.

TMZ is the outlet to report this and according to them, the lyrics of ‘Thank U, Next’ are set to discuss her past relationships.

Ariana Grande actually took to social media to confirm the theory as well as share some lines from the song.

‘Tis far from a diss track …. it’s the opposite … ?✍???,’ she made as clear as possible.

She went on to share the following lyrics: ‘Got so much love ….. got so much patience ….. I’ve learnt from the pain ….. and turnt out amazin ….. say I’ve loved and I’ve lost ….. but that’s not what I see cause look what I got ….. look what you taught me. Cause look what I found ….. ain’t no need for searching and for that I say ….. thank u, next.” She also tweeted “i’m so …. fuckin ….. grateful… for my …… ex.

Supposedly, the song is expected to touch more upon her relationships with the late Mac Miller and with Pete Davidson.

It sounds like despite slamming Pete online not too long ago, when it comes to her music, Ariana chose a more positive outlook, deciding not to attack him.

Meanwhile, a source tells HollywoodLife that Pete is open to pretty much anything at this point even though that was not the case from the very beginning.

The insider explained that ‘At first he didn’t want to address his breakup and wanted to protect Ariana from any jokes. But he has told the cast to pitch anything for a sketch or talk about it on Weekend Update anyway they would like. He wants to make jokes about it and if Ariana cannot take a joke, so be it. He's taking things as if it is not his problem.'

'He has to live his life and he just gets through pain with comedy and so he's going to be an open book and allow people to rib on him throughout the show if they choose to.’

Are you looking forward to hearing the song that should be dropping any minute?


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