Ariana Grande Throws Shade At Ex Pete Davidson — ‘Don’t’ Get Engaged!

Ariana Grande Throws Shade At Ex Pete Davidson — ‘Don’t’ Get Engaged!
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Ariana Grande shaded her ex-fiance Pete Davidson on social media just when we thought the two were becoming strangers again. The singer took to the comment section on Instagram to diss the SNL comedian by advising people not to ‘get engaged!’

As fans know, Grande just released a song about being grateful to her exes but that doesn’t mean she can’t still shade them!

That being said, it seems like Ariana is still pretty bitter about how things ended between her and Pete and that’s perfectly fine! After all, they had a short-lived but very intense relationship and its ending probably affected her a lot.

As for those who wish to get engaged, Ariana had some pretty bleak advice – just ‘don’t!’

It all started when The Zoe Report posted an article on Instagram titled ‘13 tips and tricks for finding the perfect engagement ring (including the popular metal you should actually avoid).’

In response, Ariana added her own simple tip: ‘don’t.’

While it may just be one word, the comment is filled with sass and shade and it’s definitely not at all subtle!

Ariana and Pete are still to share with the public what exactly caused them to break their engagement but knowing that they had only been together for weeks before putting a ring on it, that may have a lot to do with it!

Ever since the split, the two had a bit of drama, particularly when Pete joked about their engagement in an SNL promo.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ariana reacted, saying: ‘for somebody who claims to hate relevance u sure love clinging to it huh.’

And that was not all! Just half an hour before the SNL episode actually started, she released Thank u, next – a song about her past relationships.

But then things seemed to be getting friendlier between them when Pete, realizing his joke had hurt her, addressed it in a serious manner on the show, calling Ariana ‘a wonderful, strong person’ and wishing her all the best!

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