Ariana Grande Sued By Photographer After She Posted Photos Without Permission

Ariana Grande Sued By Photographer After She Posted Photos Without Permission
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According to a report from, Ariana Grande was sued by a photographer, who claims she used images he took of her without his express permission.

Reported first by the aforementioned outlet, Mr. Robert Barbera, the photographer in question, claims the 25-year-old singer posted the images on her Instagram account without appropriate compensation or permission.

While the issue may seem petty to some, Ariana has 154,000,000 followers, so photos shared on her platform are reaching a lot of people. The photo which Ariana posted garnered a whopping 3,392,035 likes.

Now, the photographer is asking for either profit she received from the photographs, or $25,000 for each one, whatever amount is greater. The lawsuit is interesting, claims TMZ, because recently, Ariana introduced strict photography rules at her Sweetener World Tour.

Ariana isn't the only person who has faced this sort of dilemma before. Gigi Hadid, the supermodel, dealt with a copyright infringement battle as well after she was sued for posting authorized pictures on her social media account.

Reported first by NBC News on the 20th of January, 2019, the outlet claims Gigi was sued by the organization, Xclusive-Lee, Incorporated, who accused her of using photos without their consent.

In the suit filed in the third week of January in the Eastern District of New York, the company stated that Gigi was personally responsible for everything posted on her account. The 23-year-old has approximately 46,000,000 followers now.

NBC claims the image had Hadid smiling at the camera while wearing a blue denim jacket as well as silver heels and blue shorts. It was liked by around 1.6 million people within just four days of appearing on her account claims the lawsuit.

Such disputes are commonplace among celebrities and social media influencers. One reason is that the laws haven't completely adjusted to the new internet landscape, in which business opportunities exist where they never have before. For instance, Selena Gomez was reported to have received millions of dollars for a post in which she was featured simply drinking a Coca-Cola.

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