Ariana Grande "Spoils" The Remainder Of The Year - Says She Won't Be Dating Anyone!

Ariana Grande "Spoils" The Remainder Of The Year - Says She Won't Be Dating Anyone!
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On the 1st of January, singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande, told her fans and followers that she had zero intentions of settling down with a man in the year of 2019. Us Weekly reported that the 25-year-old singer, who parted ways with Pete Davidson after the summer months, took to her Twitter account to contradict prevailing rumors.

A fan wrote on her page, "who is Ariana dating now?" The singer responded that she was currently dating nobody and that for the rest of the year, she wouldn't be settling down with a single person.

Jokingly, the star wrote at the end, "Please refer back to this tweet for further questions." This all comes just a few months after she split with Pete Davidson in October following a four-month engagement.

Ariana and Pete broke up for reasons unexplained at the moment, but reportedly, outlets have suggested her whirlwind romance with the stand-up comedian was more of a rebound following her split with Mac Miller than anything else.

And Ariana's situation clearly worsened when Mac died from a drug overdose near the beginning of September. Unfortunately, for Mr. Davidson, his time didn't improve either considering all of the people who slammed him on social media.

As it was previously reported, Pete took to his Instagram to say that he had been viciously bullied online for several months due to his split with Ariana. Pete said that no matter how many people told him to kill himself, he wouldn't do it.

To make matters worse, much of Grande's fanbase are allegedly young girls. In other words, her fanbase isn't the most "mature" people on the planet, thus, criticisms of Pete were vicious and juvenile.

Ironically, Ariana managed to make it all work positively for her career, following the release of her latest hit single, "Thank U, Next." It was a record-breaking video when it first was released on YouTube in the last month of 2018. The video features Grande parodying a number of different popular movies from the early and late 2000s, including Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30 , and Bring It On.

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