Ariana Grande Speaks Out On Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson Couple Alert Rumors

Ariana Grande Speaks Out On Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson Couple Alert Rumors
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson sparked couple-alert rumors with social media weighing in on the possible pairing due to their age difference. After the two were spotted holding hands it seemed everyone had an opinion regarding Beckinsale and Davidson having a relationship. As Davidson was previously engaged to Ariana Grande, many have wondered what her opinion would be should the two move forward together.

TMZ caught up with Ariana who when asked to give her opinion chose to answer. It's unclear whether she will later regret answering now that social media has a hold of the news.

When TMZ's photographer asked Ariana how she felt about Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale she replied that they were "so cute."

The response was surprising to fans and those who've followed her latest heartbreaks, turmoil, and controversies.

The report has also caused some people to voice that Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale don't need anyone's approval to have a relationship and discredited Ariana's response entirely as meaningless.

Others replied that it showed class for her to give her stamp of approval.

You may see the report as shared by TMZ below.

You may also see and hear the exchange as it went down with the paparazzo in the video player.

While many of Ariana's fans did not approve of the couple it is clear that Pete Davidson seems to be linked in unlikely pairings. No one expected to see him engaged to Ariana and now many are expressing surprise that Pete and Kate may be involved romantically.

Pete and Ariana had a whirlwind romance that rocketed quickly from the public finding out they were dating to engagement announcements. Pete is 25 and Kate is 45 and the mother of 20-year-old Lily Mo Sheen whom she had with ex Michael Sheen. Kate was married to Len Wiseman for 12 years and it appears that she is a woman who lives her life according to her rules.

At this point, there is nothing to indicate that Kate and Pete are going to have a long lasting relationship, but if they do, that's between them.

Whether they are close friends or romantically involved, it appears they enjoy spending time together and are having fun.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale as a couple? Do you think age differences between consenting adults matter in the new millennium? What do you think of Ariana's response to the question?


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