Ariana Grande Says Her 'Heart Is Black' Following Her Breakup From Pete Davidson!

Ariana Grande Says Her 'Heart Is Black' Following Her Breakup From Pete Davidson!

It seems like even after everything that she went through, Ariana Grande can still joke around about pretty serious things – like breakups! The singer took to social media to tweet a series of black heart emojis and fans were confused! But her explanation was definitely unexpected!

Last night, after she tweeted the black heart emojis, Ariana’s followers started wondering whether or not ‘is the black heart some sort of tea or am I reaching?’

The star did not waste any time reply to the confused fan, writing: ‘U reaching reachin baby.’

But when one fan apologetically wrote that everybody is just ‘desperate for tea,’ Grande added: ‘Jk i'm empty and my heart is black now so.’

It’s safe to say people believed her and were a bit taken aback about how fast the topic escalated, becoming too deep but still sent her lots of love.

Some were really worried however and seeing this, Ariana decided to play with their hearts once again by writing: ‘Kiiiiiiddding (i'm not kidding) kiiiiiiiiddding relax.’

What is this roller coaster of emotions, Ariana? You’re going to cause your fans a heart attack!

It seems like the superstar was just being playful about her split from ex-fiance Pete Davidson, suggesting that their breakup has caused her heart to turn black.

After all, Pete’s birthday is today, so maybe she was thinking about him and feeling a bit blue after all!

There’s always some truth when people say ‘just kidding.’

Ariana has been healing slowly but surely, not only from the split but also after losing her ex, Mac Miller to a drug overdose.

The singer has been focusing on her music, and a source previously told E! News that ‘She wants to pour her heart and soul into her music, and being in the studio really helps her deal with her emotions.’

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