Ariana Grande Refuses To Label Her Sexual Orientation And Explains Why!

Ariana Grande Refuses To Label Her Sexual Orientation And Explains Why!
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After Ariana Grande released a new song titled Monopoly, fans could not miss the fact that the lyrics, as well as the music video, seemed to suggest that the singer might be bisexual. As you can imagine, the LGBTQ community was quick to ask her to confirm it, but it looks like Ari has no desire to label her sexuality in any way.

Grande and close pal Victoria Monet came together to work on this brand new single and fans are loving it, especially since they got some things to analyze and theorize about, including her sexuality.

While a lot of people were quick to ask the star to address the lyrics in which she seemed to suggest she likes both men and women, one fan tweeted that: ‘Ariana ain’t gotta label herself, but she said what she said.’

The user posting that knows their idol very well because sure enough, Ariana saw the tweet and responded: ‘I haven’t [labeled myself] before and still do not feel the need to [label myself] now…which is okay.’ Indeed, it is!

As for the lyrics that got everyone thinking, they go: ‘I like women and men, yeah//Work so f***in’ much, need a twinny, twin, twin.’

It definitely sounds like she says she has no preference when it comes to love but Ari doesn’t like labels, so nothing to confirm there!

Regardless, fans are totally enjoying the message in the song anyway.

‘Ariana fully said ‘i like women and men’ and has got me in tears. it’s too iconic for me,’ someone wrote.

‘I need ‘i like women and men (yeah)’ tattooed on my a**,’ another tweeted at the artists.

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