Ariana Grande Receives Mixed Reactions To Engagement News

Ariana Grande Receives Mixed Reactions To Engagement News
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande were seeing each other earlier this year but their romance intensified during the pandemic. So much so, that the pop star revealed that she was engaged on Sunday afternoon.

Although Ariana wrote a song about her failed engagement to Pete Davidson and even expressed that she wasn't interested in getting married any time soon, there was one special real estate mogul that changed her mind.

Grande and Gomez made things official by appearing in the Stuck With U video. Lately, there have been murmurings on how close the two have become.

Ari appeared in a new photo where she was sporting a rock on her finger alongside a caption that read: 'forever n then some.'

Since she posted only two hours ago, the photos have garnered over six million likes.

While so many people are happy for the young star, others feel that she moves too fast.

'she should start a collection of her engagement rings . See how many she can get until she actually marries one,' read one snide comment on the TMZ post.

'Well I wish her all the happiness for the next 3 months until she decides to break it off I guess I will also go ahead and offer my condolences for the break up now,' read another.

This person said: 'I wish them the best...But...Does she realize you don’t have to get engaged and married to prove love... It seems once she’s engaged.... She loses interest and finds another guy.. then he’s like wtf just happened.. I thought we were happy and getting married.'

There were comments of support for the 27-year-old.

'All these naysayers and envious people on here eww. 2020 bought out all the haters, broke folks and fakers, and they're definitely showing out,' wrote one.

'She does fall in love  🥰  fast  💨 lucky her! I guess,' added one Facebook user.


What do you think about Ariana's engagement?

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