Ariana Grande 'Really Hurt' By Ex Pete Davidson's Jokes About Their Romance - Here's Why!

Ariana Grande 'Really Hurt' By Ex Pete Davidson's Jokes About Their Romance - Here's Why!
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Pete Davidson has been making jokes about his and Ariana Grande’s failed engagement, but it turns out that the singer is not laughing! Apparently, she is actually ‘really hurt’ by the SNL comedian’s reaction.

As you may know, in a promo for tomorrow’s SNL episode, Pete is shown interacting with the musical guest, Maggie Rogers, and their short discussion seems to reference Pete and Ariana’s romance.

‘Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?’ he asks in the clip, allegedly spoofing his and Ariana's whirlwind engagement.

Upon hearing her negative answer, Pete notes: ‘0 for three.’

Shortly after the promo was made public, Ariana took to social media to make her opinion on it known and she did not hold anything back.

‘For somebody who claims to hate relevancy [you] sure love clinging to it huh. Thank [you], next,’ she tweeted. Yikes!

Now, an insider close to the superstar tells E! News that ‘She was not amused by Pete's jokes at all. They made an agreement that they'd not address their relationship or discuss it after they split. He violated that agreement, and it really hurt her. She knew he'd see her tweet.’

Meanwhile, the insider also shared that ‘Pete is having a hard time with the breakup and making jokes his way of dealing with it. Ariana hopes that he will have enough respect to not do it again.’

But another source argued that ‘Pete never said her name in the joke. It wasn't a joke about her, it was self-deprecating. It's not true he violated any agreement.’

Earlier today, Ariana decided to tweet some song lyrics which also seem to comment on her and Pete’s failed romance.

‘Got so much love..... got so much patience..... I've learned from the pain .... and turned out amazin.... say I’ve loved and I’ve lost..... but that’s not what I see cause look what I got.... look what u taught me.’

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