Ariana Grande On 'Thank U, Next' - It Was Created On A 'Pretty Rough Day In NYC'

Ariana Grande On 'Thank U, Next' - It Was Created On A 'Pretty Rough Day In NYC'
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Ariana Grande is enjoying massive success after releasing her brand new music video for the song Thank U, Next. However, it looks like when she wrote its lyrics, the artist was going through some really hard times in her life.

Earlier today, the singer took to Twitter to chat with some of her loyal followers, revealing how the song was born.

According to her, the track was created during a ‘pretty rough day’ while in New York!

As you may know, at the time, Ariana had just ended things with her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson and was also dealing with other inner demons.

‘Well ............. ‘twas a pretty rough day in nyc. My friends took me to tiffany’s. we had too much champagne. i bought us all rings. ? it was very insane and funny. and on the way back to the stu njomza was like ‘b**ch, this gotta be a song lol’. so we wrote it that afternoon,’ Grande told her fans.

A few weeks after, Ariana dropped the song and soon after, the super fun music video for Thank U, Next was also released, much to the enjoyment of her fans.

The clip pays tribute to cult classic movies such as Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Bring It On, as well as 13 Going on 30 so it’s no surprise it broke all kinds of YouTube records.

Yesterday, ET chatted with the music video’s director Hannah Lux Davis, who revealed that there was a pretty iconic scene that did not make it into the final clip.

‘It was the backstage moment before the Santa dance [in Mean Girls]. [Trying to make] 'Fetch' happen, but also, the lip gloss - when they are all with that Victoria's Secret lip gloss, like, 'Oh my god.' It was such an iconic moment!’

She explained that Ariana agreed with her on those scenes’ fate.

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