Ariana Grande Misses Mac Miller On His Birthday And Fans Shower Her With Love

Ariana Grande Misses Mac Miller On His Birthday And Fans Shower Her With Love
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It looks like Ariana Grande is still mourning the tragic passing of her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller and on the day that he would have turned 27, the pain was even worse! The singer took to social media to acknowledge his birthday, sharing a short but touching message.

Ariana made it very clear that her thoughts were with the late man on the day he was born by writing ‘miss you’ on her platform.

While she never specified who she was referring to, the chances that she was not talking about Miller are few to none since it was his birthday and she’s also been open about her feelings regarding his untimely death before.

Seeing the tweet, fans were quick to shower Ariana with love and support, being there for her through the difficult day.

As a result, they proceeded to send her many comforting messages that were sure to make Ariana feel at least a little bit better.

Here are a few of the sweet posts: ‘we love u endlessly and know he is EXTREMELY proud of u.’ / ‘he looks at you from above and loves you. he always protects you and cherishes you, keeps a good memory of your moments.’ / ‘Take care of yourself today pls! Surround yourself with your family and close friends! It’s going to be a hard day but never forget how much Malcolm loved you!’

The pained ex was not the only one to show Mac some love on social media as fellow rapper Juicy J also posted something on his birthday.

‘Happy bday to my brother Mac Miller i miss my bro every day,’ he tweeted.

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