Ariana Grande - Inside Her Plans Of Returning To Her Acting Roots

Ariana Grande - Inside Her Plans Of Returning To Her Acting Roots
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Ariana Grande has been focusing on her music career as of late but that is not to say she has given up her acting roots! After all, people haven’t forgotten that she started out as an actress before becoming such a big superstar in the music industry, and neither has she.

That being said, one source tells HollywoodLife that Ari has been planning on taking on some new roles in the near future.

When they learned that she would be a guest star on Jim Carrey’s TV series, Ariana’s supporters became super excited that she was acting again.

But that was not all! Apparently, she is determined to take on more gigs.

‘Ariana has loved acting for so long but her dreams in music continue to be met day in and day out and she has to nurture all of that before she takes a deeper dive into acting. She loved doing this one-off with Jim Carrey and loves doing the TV musicals because it works so well with her schedule,’ one source tells HollywoodLife.

They went on to say that ‘It would be hard for her right now to take on a meaty role in film or TV because she has so much responsibility with her music right now. She feels like she gets her acting fill mostly from shooting music videos and these one offs but now that she is on tour for the next few months getting back into it is a work in progress at best.’

Ariana’s love for acting is not something that has disappeared and she is grateful that she has the opportunity to work with whomever she wants and do whatever she wishes as far as her career is concerned, be it in the acting world or in music.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ariana more on the small and even big screens?

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