Ariana Grande - Here's What She Thinks About Pete Davidson’s Personal Interview About Their Breakup!

Ariana Grande - Here's What She Thinks About Pete Davidson’s Personal Interview About Their Breakup!
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Pete Davidson shared a lot about his relationship with and breakup from Ariana Grande during an interview. One detail that he shared was that the moment Mac Miller passed away, the SNL comedian was well aware things would eventually end between him and Ari.

After all, the singer was really affected by the loss of her ex boyfriend and her whirlwind romance with Pete just couldn’t survive her grief.

Now, one insider reveals how Ariana reacted to Pete’s very personal interview.

As you might know, while chatting with Charlamagne Tha God, Pete confessed that he totally understood Ariana breaking their engagement in the aftermath of her rapper ex’s accidental overdose and therefore, he has no hard feelings.

The source dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Pete being honest is what Ariana loved about him. She knows he has his demons, but if he's able to share his feelings it really helps out immensely. They have an understanding that what they had was actually amazing, but it was just not the right time to continue. They both are in different places in their life where being friends is what things need to be.’

They went on to say that ‘She was not upset by what he said. She is happy to hear he seems to be learning and maturing from it. Ariana will always support him because she knows the real him and where he's coming from.’

During the interview, Pete recalled telling Ariana he understood what she was going through so he also assured her that he would stay by her side until she did not want him to anymore.

However, he also confessed he already knew that Mac Miller’s tragic and untimely death was the beginning of the end for him and Ariana.

It's good to hear that Pete's candid interview about their split did not upset Ari and that they are on good terms.

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