Ariana Grande Goes Official With Boyfriend Dalton Gomez As She Celebrates Her 27th Birthday

Ariana Grande Goes Official With Boyfriend Dalton Gomez As She Celebrates Her 27th Birthday
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande celebrated her 27th birthday on June 26, 2020, and she's been sharing a variety of photos from her birthday weekend celebration on her official Instagram account where she has 192.3 million followers. Ariana has been dating Dalton Gomez, and though he had shared photos of the couple on his Instagram account, this marked the first time she posted photos of herself and Dalton on her Instagram. Ariana and Dalton looked adorable in the snaps where they were displaying plenty of PDA and he was kissing her on the cheek. One photo of Ariana and Grande snuggled up against each other has gone viral and is being shared on multiple social media networks.

It has been reported that Dalton and Ariana have been going out since February 2020. Dalton Gomez is a realtor and the couple seems head-over-heels in love. Fans were excited to see the new photos of the couple and some were disappointed that Ariana had turned comments off so they couldn't leave any responses on the photo.

You may see the photo of Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande that she posted on her Instagram account below.

Ariana shared a photo slideshow before her birthday with black and white as well as color photos.  You may see that slideshow below.

Another photo of Dalton and Ariana kissing is also going viral. The picture is in black and white and Ariana looks gorgeous as she is wearing her long ponytail. Her eyelashes are very long and thick and she is wearing several flowers in her lashes. If anyone doubted that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez were a couple, they can put those doubts to the side as Ariana has completely made it official.

Ariana shared another slideshow from her birthday celebration, only this one was in color and featured Ariana and other guests, including her brother Frankie Grande, wearing flower crowns. You may see those photos below.

What do you think about Ariana Grande's latest photos from her birthday? Were you surprised to see her share the photos of herself and Dalton Gomez on Instagram?

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