Ariana Grande Goes All Out For Halloween With Pig Girl Costume From The Twilight Zone Eye Of The Beholder Episode

Ariana Grande Goes All Out For Halloween With Pig Girl Costume From The Twilight Zone Eye Of The Beholder Episode
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande is already winning the battle for best Halloween costume as the 26-year-old Grammy winner has unveiled her choice. Ariana dressed as one of the pig-faced characters from the 1960 series The Twilight Zone and her makeup was masterful. The episode Ariana drew from is called "The Eye of The Beholder" and it is one of the series' most popular.

In the episode, a woman named Janet (played by Donna Douglas) is a gorgeous blonde woman, but the world is full of people with twisted mouths and pig snouts. Janet undergoes surgery to try and become like everyone else, and if it doesn't work, she will be exiled to an island where people "like her" live.

Janet felt hideous, ugly, and like a freak. Once the bandages were revealed, the truth was shown. Janet was the beautiful one and the doctor and nurses who tended to her were the real monsters.

Janet was sent to exile with a man who looked like the 60s version of Mr. Olympia.

Ariana's costume is getting rave reviews and photos of Ariana in the full disguise are going viral.

She also shared some background information about the "Eye of the Beholder" episode and many who haven't seen it before may watch it for the first time.

You may see the video teaser that Ariana shared below.

Ariana then shared a photo of her makeup as she wore her hair in a high ponytail. Ariana wore gloves, black heels, and smoked a cigarette in the photos. The Josh Liu styled her hair and Julie Hassett created Ariana's look.

Julie shared the photos on her own Instagram account and stated the following.

"You are now entering...The Twilight Zone. 🖤 I couldn’t have participated in this without the insane work of @haney7560 who made this prosthetic piece in 1 day. Like...sculpted, molded and ran it in ONE DAY. He’s incredible. THANK YOU KEVIN! And thank you for the referral @thejoshliu! Love ya! Such a team effort! Thanks for having me on board @arianagrande love💕 Tap for credits! #ari #happyhalloween."

What do you think of Ariana Grande's Twilight Zone costume? Did she just win the best celebrity Halloween costume?


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