Ariana Grande Gets New 'Glove' Tattoo Along With Another Of Her Dog's Name

Ariana Grande Gets New 'Glove' Tattoo Along With Another Of Her Dog's Name
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According to a report from, Ariana Grande just proved that her love for her dog is the strongest. This Thursday, the 26-year-old pop star took to her IG account to share in her stories her new dog tattoo.

Before showing off the brand new tattoo, Grande let her fans know that she had something "special" brewing, specifically, her brand new album for the holidays, Christmas and Chill. Following the revelation of Grande's new LP, the star posted a selfie of her new tatted hand.

Grande wrote in her story, "the newest addition to my glove," before going on to name the name of her beagle-chihuahua, Toulouse, in addition to alluding to the tattoo artist who did it, Mira Mariah, based out of New York City.

Fans of the pop star know that she actually has several dogs, however, Toulouse is the one that she has shown off the most to her fans. Back in July of this year, Grande, as well as her 6-year-old dog, were on the cover of the August issue of Vogue.

Moreover, media publications have been carefully paying attention to the body of work on the singer's person, including one tattoo that she revealed last December which was a tribute to her grandfather who passed away, Franke Grande.

She also has another one that says, "Pete," in reference to her former fiancé, Pete Davidson. However, following their breakup, the singer covered up the "Pete" tattoo by turning it into a darkened heart. Ariana, who was once in love with the SNL star, got several tattoos on her body inspired by the comic.

Before they got engaged on the 11th of June this year, the pair received matching tattoos that read, "H2GKMO." The song is an abbreviation of the singer's beloved phrase, "Honest to God, knock me out." Their romance then ended in October 2018.

"It's not shocking to anyone," a source previously said to People Magazine, in reference to the fact Grande and Pete had broken up. A source who spoke with TMZ was the one to reveal that the split between them was a consequence of poor timing and rushing into it too quickly.

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