Ariana Grande Finally Responds To Pete Davidson And Mac Miller Love Triangle Rumors

Ariana Grande Finally Responds To Pete Davidson And Mac Miller Love Triangle Rumors

Ariana Grande responded to a Twitter troll who dragged her for allegedly dumping Mac Miller following the release of the album which he supposedly wrote about her. The fan accused Ariana of dumping him for another man "after he poured his heart out," on the "The Divine Feminine" - released in 2016.

However, Grande shot back and said the social media commenter was "minimizing female self-respect and self-worth" by saying someone should stay in a bad relationship, for the sake of another man's safety.

Ariana went on to say that she is "not a babysitter" and shouldn't feel like his mother. She doesn't have to deal with any of that. As you may know, Miller recently crashed his car into a tree and ran away from the scene of the crime.

According to the singer, society often blames women whenever a man can't hold his life together. "Let's please stop doing that" Grande explained. Grande added that she hopes he manages to straighten himself out and get his life together.

But it's something she can't do for him, it's a series of decisions Miller has to make for himself, and no one else.

She can't take care of him and herself all at once. In response to Ariana's fiery statement, the Twitter fan said sorry for jumping to conclusions and released his own lengthy text message in response.

As it was previously reported, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande broke up earlier in the month after nearly two years of dating. On her Instagram story, Ariana updated her fans and said he is "one of her best friends" in the world.

Just a couple of days later, a source who spoke with us revealed that she and Davidson were casually dating. "Ariana is really excited" the insider explained. However, another source alleged that Davidson is "just a backup" to make Mac jealous, and hopefully encourage him to take control of himself once again.


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