Ariana Grande Covers Vogue — Says She's Both The Luckiest And Unluckiest Girl In The World

Ariana Grande Covers Vogue — Says She's Both The Luckiest And Unluckiest Girl In The World
Credit: Source: Ariana Grande/Vogue/Instagram

Ariana Grande was shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for the August 2019 issue of Vogue US magazine and the photos are sensational. Gracing the cover as well as a full story insert, Ariana opened up about the incredible music career she is enjoying as well as the many painful heartaches she's experienced. She referred to herself as being both the luckiest and unluckiest girl in the world. There is no question that Ariana has been through one tragedy after another and many of her fans continue to express their worry for the 26-year-old Grammy winner.

Tonne Goodman styled Ariana that saw her posing on the beach wearing a large, oversized, Eric Javits black hat and lacy, black, Christian Dior sundress with her dog Toulouse Lautrec Grande on her lap. Other shots saw the backside of Ariana and Toulouse as they headed to the shoreline.

Writer Robert J. Haskell shared the following quote from Ariana Grande from her Vogue interview.

"I’m a person who’s been through a lot and doesn’t know what to say about any of it to myself, let alone the world. I see myself onstage as this perfectly polished, great-at-my-job entertainer, and then in situations like this I’m just this little basket-case puddle of figuring it out.” She laughs through her sniffles. “I have to be the luckiest girl in the world, and the unluckiest, for sure. I’m walking this fine line between healing myself and not letting the things that I’ve gone through be picked at before I’m ready, and also celebrating the beautiful things that have happened in my life and not feeling scared that they’ll be taken away from me because trauma tells me that they will be, you know what I mean?”

You may see the August 2019 cover photo of Ariana Grande for Vogue shot by Annie Leibovitz below.

One photo that is going viral features Ariana in her childhood, makeshift studio from her home in Boca Raton, Florida. Ariana looks glamorous as she is propped up on a counter, and leaning back against a wall. Ariana is wearing a kelly-green cardigan from the Khatie  2019, pre-fall collection. The sweater is called the Aceline cardigan and is crafted in 100 percent,  light-weight cashmere.

Khatie NY featured the photo with Ariana in the outfit on their official Instagram page.


Josh Liu styled Ariana's hair that featured a high ponytail, as well as several photos where loose, curly tendrils peeked out from below her hat's rim.

Another photo going viral on social media features Ariana with her mother Joan Grande, and her grandmother Marjorie Grande. Josh Liu kept the high ponytail look for Ariana. The photo celebrates three generations in Ariana's family and it's clear that she leans on her family's support during the troubled times she has recently endured.

Hannah Murray did Ariana's makeup that was kept natural looking and emphasized Ariana's flawless skin, and big brown eyes. On the cover shoot, you can see a more subdued and tranquil looking Ariana as she isn't wearing heavy eyeliner. Her lips are a pale, nude color and throughout the photos, Ariana's makeup was kept light.

What do you think of Ariana's interview portion and her photos? Are you going to read her full article when the August edition of Vogue hits stands?

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