Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj Address Those Beef Rumors!

Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj Address Those Beef Rumors!
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It sounds like there is definitely no feud going on between Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande despite rumors suggesting differently. In fact, the two superstars have only love for one another!

As you may remember, the beef speculations escalated when Nicki dropped her newest track, Bust Down Barbiana.

The lyrics not only make reference to Grande’s song, Thank U, Next, but also name drop her.

‘Killing everybody beat, thank u, next Ariana,’ Minaj raps.

Fans on social media thought that maybe Nicki was intending to diss the singer in those lyrics.

However, the two performers were quick to shut down such rumors about their type of relationship.

One Twitter user asked Ariana: ‘So it wasn't shade?’ to which the singer tweeted that ‘No silly a**. There will never ever be anything but love between us. She has been there for me (in real life) every time I have needed somebody, and I will always be there for her. We love each other. Bet.’

This is as clear as possible – the two divas are in no way feuding and have only positive things to say about one another.

In addition, Nicki also assured people that they are not at war by quoting Ariana in a tweet and adding: ‘Not more than you’ve been there for me behind the scenes. Love you. For life.’

Aw…. There is so much love between Nicki and Ariana – no doubt!

The two women have been good friends for years, and they have even collabed on no less than five songs together!

While stranger things have happened, it would be almost impossible for them to start beefing after such a strong friendship.

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