Ariana Grande And Ex Ricky Alvarez Photographed Together

Ariana Grande And Ex Ricky Alvarez Photographed Together
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The very day that Ariana Grande stated that she was not planning on dating the entire year, or maybe even the rest of her life, the singer was photographed spending time with one of her exes - Ricky Alvarez. The two were spotted out and about in New York City yesterday, on New Year’s Day!

Although it was still not difficult to recognize her, Ariana had her face covered by a mask and was wearing a big jacket and her usual thigh high boots.

Ariana and Ricky actually sparked rumors that they might be back together last month when she commented on one of his Instagram pics.

Later, however, she denied they were romantically involved, saying: ‘We're friends everyone take a big ol breather.’

The exes were together for about one year and ended things in the summer of 2016.

He is also one of the former boyfriends the 25 year old mentions in her song, ‘Thank U, Next.’

Her ex fiancé, Pete Davidson is also mentioned in the lyrics, as you may know.

After a whirlwind romance, Ariana and the SNL star broke their engagement.

Yesterday, Ari stumbled upon a headline that read: ‘Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!’

Her answer made it very clear that not only is she single, she is also planning to stay that way for a really long time.

‘Can they tell me too? Spoiler: for the rest of the year/probably my life: It is no one. Please refer to this tweet for future questions,’ she wrote in response.

With that in mind, it is not too hard to understand that she was most likely hanging out with Ricky as friends!

After all, she did refer to him as her friend before and does not want to jump into another relationship again.

Also, one of the points she made in the song she wrote for her exes is that she was not looking back – telling each and every one of them ‘Thank U, Next!’

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