Ariana Grande And Big Sean - Are They Really Back Together?

Ariana Grande And Big Sean - Are They Really Back Together?
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Since their reunion a few weeks ago, people have been speculating that Ariana Grande and her ex, Big Sean are now back together but what is the truth? One source claims to know the answer!

As fans may remember, the two dated for 8 months before ending things in 2015.

In late February, they were surprisingly seen together again at a recording studio which caused many people to think they gave their old romance another try.

However, the insider tells HollywoodLife that there are no hopes for a reconciliation between the artists.

As it turns out, the rapper, who Ariana mentioned among other exes in her Thank U, Next lyrics, remains in the friend zone as far as the singer is concerned.

But then how come they reconnected after so many years? Apparently, she did it to clear her past!

Ariana ‘isn't interested in having a boyfriend. She is also not interested in going backward, she has a lot of love for Sean and she appreciates him as a person. Ariana already poured her heart out about as to how she feels about Sean in the song. She did think they'd end up together, but it was not a match,’ the source explained.

They added that ‘It did break her heart when things didn't work out with Sean but it was long ago, she has been through so much since then and she's a different person. She still thinks he's sweet, cute and sexy, but she's not getting back in a relationship with him, she is busy working, touring and after the rough year she had, she's focusing on herself and her career.’

In the end, Ari and Sean were actually friends first, before dating so she doesn’t see any reasons why that can’t be the case again.

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