Ariana Grande Almost Falls Off Stage - Check Out The Footage!

Ariana Grande Almost Falls Off Stage - Check Out The Footage!

That was a close one! Ariana Grande almost had a little accident on stage during a stage performance on Monday, but fortunately for her, she saved the situation pretty well, even gaining more respect for how professionally she handled the little mishap.

Grande played a really dangerous game, much like in her song Dangerous Woman.

Well, it was not really the same situation considering her climbing a platform-of-sorts while wearing extremely high heels made the word ‘danger’ quite literal for the artist.

If not for Ariana’s great sense of balance and some of her dancers’ quick reflexes, the singer would’ve definitely taken a plunge off the stage in the middle of her performance.

Following her tour's second to last concert, the star took to social media to share a clip of the save, admitting that it was incredible how she made it through the whole thing without slipping off the stool.

In addition Ariana’s mother just had to say how proud she was of her daughter by tweeting: ‘This is such a wonderful clip so concerned screaming, your adorable laughs and then Perfect Singing and you landed like a pro!! Xo.’

We agree! As fans certainly know, Ariana Grande is now wrapping up her tour following the tragic terrorist attack that occurred during one of her concerts in Manchester, England, making many victims.

Grande then embarked on a mission to bring many fellow artists together for the One Love Manchester benefit concert, which was a real success.

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