'Are You The One' Stars Looking For Love And Prepping To Go In 'The Challenge'

'Are You The One' Stars Looking For Love And Prepping To Go In 'The Challenge'
Source: MTV

Season Six of Are You the One? premiered last week on MTV, and many of the contestants have more than love on the brain. Instead of finding a match and possibly winning a million dollars, moving on to The Challenge is on top of the priority list.

This season is a bit different than the last five. There is a new host, Terrence J., and the twenty-two single contestants trying to find their perfect match will be in New Orleans instead of the traditional tropical location. If the eleven women and eleven men can correctly choose each week’s perfect match, they will win the million dollars to divide amongst themselves.

Are You the One is not like other reality dating shows; it gets messy, it’s filled with drama, and the singles involved all describe themselves as bad at relationships.

“It’s really hard sometimes to move past the bad dating habits and go with what’s right for you,” Terrance J. said, “and that’s really what this show explores.”


Three members of this season’s cast, Kareem, Audrey, and Jada, recently said that there is more to the show for them than finding love and winning money...they want to get in shape for The Challenge .

However, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t mind a relationship if the right person came along.

Jada says she is terrible at relationships, but she did go on the show because she would like to have someone to “bring to family dinners,” and Kareem would like to find someone to cuddle with and text regularly. Audrey added that she “can’t be single” because she gets lonely.

Terrence J. says the show features matches who think they might be right for each other at first, but as the weeks go by there is a realization that things might not work out, just like in real life. He says the contestants make a lot of mistakes during this season

The new host says he signed up to do the show after coming across it on TV and ended up getting hooked after just a few episodes. He had a relationship with MTV/VH1, and it led to a job that he enjoyed.

Are You the One? airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.


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