Are 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Still Together After Her Birthday Meltdown

Are 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Still Together After Her Birthday Meltdown
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Stassi Schroeder and her boyfriend Beau Clark had a rough fight on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules . Their argument, which left Schroeder crying in front of the cameras, happened after Schroeder had a little too much to drink at her shared birthday party with co-star Ariana Madix.

Although the fight was awful – and typical for Stassi – fans can rest assured knowing that Clark and Schroeder are still together – at least for now.

The drama heated up after Schroeder decided she had enough of the party and wanted to go home. Being the socialite that he is, Clark wanted to stay behind and mingle, which sparked a major confrontation with Schroeder.

According to Romper , Schroeder opened up about the fight in an exclusive interview last month. The Vanderpump Rules star admitted that alcohol fueled her rage and that she sometimes feels like she has a “dark passenger” after a night of drinking.

Despite being brought to tears and having to deal with a drunk Schroeder, Clark has confirmed that they are still together.

“You just stick with it,” Clark shared about the fight. “It’s like a hurricane; once the hurricane’s passed through, the next day, it’s all sunny and nice.”

Clarke and Schroeder started dating in February of last year. While they fight from time to time, their relationship is actually pretty strong. It also seems like Clark is serious about her, which definitely helps whenever they hit the rough patches.

Before dating Clark, Schroeder was in a relationship with the infamous Patrick, who made some inappropriate comments about Lisa Vanderpump’s rear end.

As fans will recall, Vanderpump called Patrick a “dickhead” in response to his comments, which was a fairly accurate assessment at the time. Fortunately for Schroeder, Clark is a major upgrade from her previous boyfriend. Now all fans have to wait for is an engagement announcement, that is as long as the two remain together.

Fans can watch Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark resolve their differences when new episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.


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