Are Toya Wright And Robert Rushing Married? Video Featuring Tiny Harris Started The Whole Chatter

Are Toya Wright And Robert Rushing Married? Video Featuring Tiny Harris Started The Whole Chatter
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It is official, Toya Wright is a married woman and she and her new husband, Robert Rushing, could not be happier, hold on, there is more to the story.

This evening, Toya shared a video from the latest episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle where she confessed to her BFF, Tiny Harris, that she flew to Greece with her baby daddy and became husband and wife.

Of course, Tiny was shocked because she was not invited.

However, here is the truth, Toya is not married, not yet anyway.

Toya eventually said it was a joke and laughed with Tiny about it. Fans, who did not watch the entire episode of the show, are confused and are congratulating Toya.

One person said: "Thanks for sharing Toya. You give others like you hope that God ain't forgot about us Sis! To know your past experiences with love and it being so public, I can't imagine how scary opening up to someone new has been. To know you met a great man, who accepts you for you and wants nothing but the best for u... gives a baby momma like me hope! Cant wait to meet my mannnnn girllllllllll."

Another commenter stated: "Red is so pretty on your skin tone! You and your Boo look nice together! Happy Holidays to you and yours❤️ I meant it as I’m upset the season finale is here cause I’ll miss the show. Congrats to her but if I was Toya, I would keep my marriage off tv. She was doing so good she even told Wendy she didn’t want to be in the spotlight no more, but she’s at it again."

This supporter claimed: "Toya stay getting wifed??? I hope u did... becuz that man u got is finnnnnneeeeeee... Congrats, wether u did or didnt.... cuz u won without that ring a good woman stay blessed n Congratulations on the Nuptials. Yassss sister! So happy for you. You deserve all this happiness. Love love love it!"

The couple has an almost one-year-old daughter named Reign who is a real beauty and star in the making.

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